Tree Art

When you enter our house you are greeted by a big, blank wall. After the kitchen remodel and other small projects in the house, the walls and the overall look were doing well, except for this big boring wall. I went round and round thinking of ideas for something to go on it, but everything was either too expensive or just wasn’t working. While remodeling the basement we tore down some old shelves made of pine planks. This gave me an idea based on something I had seen a while ago…make my own art that is big enough to fill the space.

If you would like a handmade painting like this, just go to my etsy shop, or contact me and we can work out a deal.

The pine nailed together and cut to size

Stencil made from large craft paper

Finished product

Painting 2



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2 responses to “Tree Art

  1. jenna

    That second tree looks vaguely familiar…

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