Living Room Makeover – Fireplace Update

It has been a really long time since the last blog post, but we do have some exciting news…we are having a baby! With that news, and the summer, we haven’t spent as much time on the house. But, the basement is getting close to completion so that will free up space to start on the nursery. We have a lot of ideas for both, so we should be posting some more updates soon. With that said, here is the story behind our living room.

Not too long after we moved in, we ripped up all the carpet to reveal hardwood floors, however, the wood paneling stuck around a while longer. Last spring we tore down the wood paneling and painted the walls a dark brown color and replaced the ceiling fan. We recently decided the brown was too dark and chose a light blue to brighten up the room since it has so many windows. We also added crown molding and painted the fireplace brick white. The new fresh color along with the white fireplace have done wonders for the room and now it is a beautiful, brighter, much larger feeling room!

There is still no art on the walls, but hopefully that will be addressed soon. There are, however, some great curtains that Kristin sewed and I would say they came out pretty good for her first go at it.


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