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Reclaimed Wood Frame

For Christmas my dad asked me not to get him anything, but rather make him something. He said he would enjoy it more, plus he needed something to hang in his office. So, instantly I had several ideas of what to make him but it was hard to pick what and how. I was going to make a wood canvas but then I ran across a cool wood frame that framed a poster. I had just gotten some great reclaimed fence material from my neighbor so I thought it would make a great frame. Now was the hard part; deciding what to put on the poster. I had thought for a long time about a lyric that I heard from the Avett Brothers, and it fits perfectly for my dad and I. Then, all that was left was build the frame and design a cool type poster. This is what I came up with:


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Using Pinterest from an iPad

Kristin and I recently got an iPad for Christmas (Thanks mom!). We quickly discovered one of the best parts about having an iPad was being able to surf the web while sitting on the couch. It is much easier than a laptop because of its size, and the battery lasts forever. One of the first things she we wanted to do was be able to pin stuff from searching the web. Well, since there is no Pinterest app for iPad and no way (we thought) to install a “pin it” button, we kind of brushed it aside. Then, I started doing some research and found out there is actually a way to be able to pin any picture from the web to any of your boards straight from your iPad, and it was actually really easy.

I found this article through Google, so the credit must really go there. I just wanted to add a few things to it, but it really was a great step-by-step explanation of how to do it.

First, you will need to be looking at this on your iPad. Then, just copy the script below. It should be noted that this should work on your iPhone/iPod also.

javascript:void((function(){var%20e=document.createElement(‘script’); e.setAttribute(‘type’,’text/javascript’); e.setAttribute(‘charset’,’UTF-8′); e.setAttribute(‘src’,’ r=’+Math.random()*99999999);document.body.appendChild(e)})());

Next, open a new tab/window and go to any website you want and bookmark it. I will just use Google to keep it simple. Click on the arrow button next to the address bar and hit “Add Bookmark”.

After you add a bookmark, you can go ahead and hit save. You can edit the name here to whatever you want so it will help you keep track of it.

After you have saved this, just click on the bookmarks button (the book next to the arrow button). Then click “edit” and your screen should look like this:

In this case, I had changed my bookmark title to “pin it” to keep it similar to how it is on our desktop. Next, you will want to click on the arrow to the right of your bookmark title. This will take you to the following screen.

This is where the script that we copied earlier comes in; just paste that into the URL line (starts with the word javascript and ends with ; ). Once that is done, you should be ready to roll. Open a new tab and make sure you are logged in to Pinterest. Then, go to your favorite place to pin photos ( from is a great place to start!) You may have to click “View Full Site” at the bottom of the page if it takes you to the mobile version. Once you have found a photo you want to pin, just go to your bookmarks and click on the one you have just created. Once you click on your bookmark, you should get a similar screen. This should look pretty familiar if you have pinned stuff from the web before.

Next, you will just want to click on any picture you want to pin and hit “Pin This (You may get an error message like this, but just ignore it or click “OK” and it should move on ).

Then, you should get a screen like this (this should all start looking familiar, so if I am just going on about stuff you already know, just skip ahead). Note: You may need to remove your Pinterest app if you have one installed. When doing this from our iPad it kept trying to open the iPhone version of the app that had transferred over from iTunes. After I removed the app, it just went straight to this screen like it should.

Just select the board you want it to go to, describe it and you are done!

Please leave me some feedback to let me know how it works for you. Thanks for looking!

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Living Room Makeover – Fireplace Update

It has been a really long time since the last blog post, but we do have some exciting news…we are having a baby! With that news, and the summer, we haven’t spent as much time on the house. But, the basement is getting close to completion so that will free up space to start on the nursery. We have a lot of ideas for both, so we should be posting some more updates soon. With that said, here is the story behind our living room.

Not too long after we moved in, we ripped up all the carpet to reveal hardwood floors, however, the wood paneling stuck around a while longer. Last spring we tore down the wood paneling and painted the walls a dark brown color and replaced the ceiling fan. We recently decided the brown was too dark and chose a light blue to brighten up the room since it has so many windows. We also added crown molding and painted the fireplace brick white. The new fresh color along with the white fireplace have done wonders for the room and now it is a beautiful, brighter, much larger feeling room!

There is still no art on the walls, but hopefully that will be addressed soon. There are, however, some great curtains that Kristin sewed and I would say they came out pretty good for her first go at it.

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Pendant Lights

After remodeling our kitchen there were still a few things we wanted to update. First up was the lighting. We were never completely satisfied with the lighting setup we had because it was sort of a combo of old lights and new, was mixed and matched a little, and really didn’t have much personality. After doing much searching around, we came across these lights that were good vintage/rustic lights but would still go with our modern kitchen. These pendants are just the first of three sets of lights we will be updating…as you can see in the first picture, a new overhead kitchen light is in order along with a vintage chandelier for the dining room. As you can see from the last two pictures, we went with an “Edison” style light bulb to further the vintage/rustic theme. Overall, I am happy with the lights, especially once we have the other lights in the area to match. In the future we may go with a bulb that is a little bigger to fill the cage a little more. If you have any questions or would like help doing a similar project, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me.

We have been really busy around the house the past few weeks, so be on the look-out for a few more posts this week.


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Chair Redo

This chair was originally Kristin’s Great Grandmother’s chair, which was eventually passed on to her Grandmother, then her Aunt, then Kristin received it. We reupholstered the chair and also had it repaired since some of the wood was not in the best shape.  We chose a nice gray and pale yellow design for the top portion that went along with our current living room decor. The bottom portion of the chair is gray microfiber. We are thrilled with the result!

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Tree Art

When you enter our house you are greeted by a big, blank wall. After the kitchen remodel and other small projects in the house, the walls and the overall look were doing well, except for this big boring wall. I went round and round thinking of ideas for something to go on it, but everything was either too expensive or just wasn’t working. While remodeling the basement we tore down some old shelves made of pine planks. This gave me an idea based on something I had seen a while ago…make my own art that is big enough to fill the space.

If you would like a handmade painting like this, just go to my etsy shop, or contact me and we can work out a deal.

The pine nailed together and cut to size

Stencil made from large craft paper

Finished product

Painting 2


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Kitchen Remodel

When we bought our “fixer upper”, we knew the first major project would be the kitchen. Although the pink oven, pink stove top, and green cabinets were quite the conversation piece with guests, we were ready to demolish it and move into the 21st century. For the first few months after we moved in, we watched tons of kitchen design shows, took several trips to the local hardware stores for inspiration/pricing, ripped out lots of pictures from magazines, and we drew up SEVERAL different layouts for the kitchen. The old kitchen had about 12 square feet of countertops, so we wanted a layout that would maximize space. Ultimately, in order to achieve this we decided we needed to go “all out”. This entailed knocking down the wall in the living room to create an open concept. The pictures below show the kitchen before the remodel and then after taking out the wall and moving the stairs that lead to the basement. By making these substantial changes, we were able to make the kitchen more of a square shape so that we could maximize the amount of cabinets we wanted, as well as add a huge L shaped island that looked out into the living room.

Now on to the finished product…well almost finished. These pictures were taken before the “finishing touches”. We chose cherry cabinets, a slate tile backsplash, 20 x 20 tiles for the floor, and black granite countertops. We also chose black appliances to complement the granite.


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